Snazzy Jazzy (ages 3-5)

If your little one loves dancing to upbeat music, this snazzy intro to jazz is the perfect class! Set to high energy, age-appropriate music, dancers will learn the basics of jazz and movement in a fun and engaging way. They will perform jazz in our Year-End Show. 

Our Snazzy Jazzy class is part of our Twirl program. Dancers will receive engaging Twirl activity sheets throughout the season to enhance their twirl-a-bility! All dancers will also receive a fun tag to keep on their dance bag and a Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate at the end of the season!

TWIRL FEE: $15 (includes Snazzy Jazzy bag tag, Twirl sheets, and Graduation Celebration Certificate)

Find a Snazzy Jazzy class at Rhythm!

What to Wear for Snazzy Jazzy - Preschool/Kinder Jazz

Any color or style lycra jazz shorts, leotards, leggings, and tops of your choice. Tan jazz shoes. Hair pulled back out of face.