Andrea Lakin

Andrea Lakin

Dance Instructor

Birthday: December 9

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

  1. Dance has always been my “home”, as I moved around a lot with my military family. After coming to Georgia, Becca & Dani were my teachers before they opened RDC.

  2. Accepted into the Joffrey School at 15, but continued training in Georgia, on the convention circuit, and in L.A. until I started dancing with the Rockettes at 18. Never really had a normal job after that. Just kept dancing. And dancing. And dancing….

  3. Made the transition to teaching master classes and choreography about five years ago, and am super duper passionate about giving back to the next generation. I'm thrilled to have a “home” at RDC!

Rhythm Role: Technique Teacher for Edge

Teaches: Technique & Lyrical

Fun fact: Born in Stuttgart, Germany

Favorite Rhythm Recital: Rhythm Orphan Annie

When not at Rhythm dancing, you will either find me running after my sweet baby girl (who is running after our dog), chillin’ with my main squeeze, Paul, at the gym, hanging out with family, crafting, writing, or doing some crazy DIY overhaul. We are OBSESSED with DIY. Our garage is basically a wood factory. We may or may not have made some cool recital props out of said garage.