Performing Company

About Performing Company

Rhythm Dance Center Performing Company requires talent, commitment, dedication, passion, hard work, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to perform and grow as a dancer. And what your child will gain from the experience in Company is priceless—as both a dancer and an individual.

For over two decades, our Company has competed among some of the nation’s best dance studios, worked with some of the top choreographers, and learned from acclaimed dance instructors. There is virtually no limit to what our members can experience, accomplish and learn as a part of Company if they set their mind to it. The Rhythm Dance Center Performing Company is recognized and well respected throughout the nation and it is an honor to be a part of this prestigious group.

Auditions will be held April 17th - April 28th, 2017 for the 2017-2018 Performing Company. Specifics and details are on our Performing Company Auditions page. If you are moving in to the area from out of town, please contact Becca or Dani with any questions.

We are currently in the middle of an exciting 24nd Season! We look forward to seeing the new talent for next season!

Our Philosophy

At Rhythm, we feel the education that dancers receive from the art of dance is unmatched by most other disciplines and sports.  The satisfaction we get from watching so many amazing kids grow up and learn to love and appreciate DANCE is immeasurable!  We want to provide unique opportunities for our dancers, and help them to experience many disciplines of dance.  We want our dancers to strive for and achieve high goals, while at the same time having fun.  If your experience dancing at RHYTHM isn’t fun – it isn’t worth it!  We want the experience dancers have here to be a lasting part of growing up… to help them with whatever path they choose to take, whether they choose to become a dancer or a doctor.  It is our hope that the lessons they learn and the friendships they make at Rhythm Dance Center will last a lifetime.

Our competition mentality is a very positive one.  It is not about the “trophy” or the “first place high score.” It is about motivating, inspiring, and educating kids in a positive environment. Our dancers are learning, thinking, and being creative as well as training their bodies. They are learning important time management skills.  They are realizing the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. They are developing self-confidence and positive self-esteem.  They learn life lessons!

Competition is a venue for dancers to perform, to learn a positive work ethic, and to get constructive feedback from knowledgeable judges with different backgrounds.  They are learning to respect other dancers, studios, and teachers for their talents!  We want our dancers to focus on doing their BEST, not winning. We want to congratulate them when they win and share their excitement, but also help them learn from their losses and accept that they will not always win first place.  Disappointment is a part of life, but having a positive mindset will help you learn and grow from the disappointment.  We have that positive mindset.  We believe a positive approach will help produce a positive outcome… that there is always something higher to achieve.  Dancers tend to be perfectionists, but we don’t expect perfection. We simply hope they strive to be the best they can be and that’s what we are here to help them do!