Tickets go on sale Monday, April 30, at 5:00 p.m.

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Our Year-End Show

Rhythm's Year-End Show is the highlight of our season! Our show is not like your typical dance recital. It is a huge production, and we put a lot of creative efforts into the show each year to make it the best it can be. We love our show and our goal is to make every dancer feel extra special! It is a very important and exciting event for all our dancers!

The 2018 Year-End Show Packet now available! It includes all the details about our ABCs of RDC Year-End Show. Click here to download the packet

The owners/directors of Rhythm Dance Center, Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg, will be holding three informational meetings at Rhythm to cover all the details of our Year-End Show. We strongly encourage all parents to attend one of the meetings to get an idea of what to expect at a Rhythm Dance Center Year-End Show. This is especially important if this will be your first year participating in our show. It is a great time to hear ALL the details you need to know and a chance to ask any questions you might have. This will help make you and your dancer’s Year-End Show experience seamless, exciting and memorable for the whole family!

Meeting Days & Times

Monday, May 14, 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, May 16, 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday, May 23, 11:00 a.m.


Tickets will go on sale on Monday, April 30th at 5:00 p.m.
All tickets will be purchased online. All seating will be reserved. Once the ticket link is live, it will be available here. Look for an email with more details about tickets. 

Cost: $15.00 each 

Season 25 Theme: The ABCs of RDC 

Twenty-six words from A(mazing) to Z(any) will inspire every element of the show and represent the WONDER & MAGIC of everything Rhythm strives to be! We’re drawing inspiration from the past, present and future of Rhythm Dance Center. 

The ABCs of RDC, All that Rhythm strives to be!

26 cards from A to Z, WONDER & MAGIC for all to see!

Rhythm of the 90s

Enjoy this fun rap we created (Fresh Prince of Bel Air style) for the intro of our Edge Production routine! You'll get to see this amazing dance (and hear the rap) in the opening number of our Year-End Show! 

Nowww, this is a story all about how

WONDER & MAGIC of Rhythm came to be around. 

And we'd like to take a minute, just sit right there,

Rhythm of the '90s we’d now like to share... 

Innnnn East Cobb Georgia, 1993, 

Rhythm was created by Becca-n-Dani!

No chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool,

They worked nonstop to create a dance school!

A couple of girls, unique, edgy and good, 

started in this Marietta neighborhood.

Just one colorful room, but they weren’t scared,

They said, “This journey will be amazing, and we’re fully prepared!” 

Shine like glitter, boogie with finesse,

Rhythm of the 90’s, 25 years of success!