All 2024-2025 Performing Companies are required to attend a Summer Intensive at Rhythm Dance Center. This is our kick-off to the new season and the first time our dancers will be meeting and dancing with their fellow company dancers for the year!

If you audition and are chosen as a member of one of our Performing Companies, you will be required to attend the following Summer Intensives. These intensives are MANDATORY for ALL members of Rhythm's 2024-2025 Companies. We have a very strict Summer Intensive policy, so if your dancer is considering auditioning in the Spring, please save these dates. Auditions for our Company will be mid-end of April. Company placements will be announced in May. All Intensives are held at Rhythm Main Location.

Mini Stars Summer Intensive ~ July 22-25
$400/$350* if paid by May 15 (includes Acro!)

Connection Summer Intensive ~ July 16-19
$340/$300* if paid by May 15
Connection Tap Company Intensive $70 (in addition to Intensive cost)
Contemporary Company Intensive $70 (in addition to Intensive cost)

Fusion Summer Intensive ~ July 22-25
$450/$400* if paid by May 15

Edge Summer Intensive ~ Aug 7-11
$450/$400* if paid by May 15

Mini Edge Ballet Bootcamp ~ June 17-20

*If you are a current member of a Rhythm Dance Center Performing Company (Mini Stars, Connection, Fusion, Edge), you may pay the Intensive rate for your existing Performing Company. After Company Auditions, we will apply the appropriate amount to your Company Intensive placement for the 2024-2025 Season and you can pay the difference (if needed).