5-Day Camps

Cost: $320 or $285 if paid before May 15

Brightfeather Academy of Magic
June 10-14 ~ 1:30pm-4:30pm ~ Rhythm Annex
Harry Potter fans unite, and join us at Brightfeather Academy of Magic! Your young witches and wizards will dive into their studies of spells, potions, and of course, dance moves to earn their Brightfeather school crest upon graduation day! Dancers will experience an extraordinary week of jazz and hip hop moves while sharpening their spellbinding skills to earn their badges in a variety of magical moves. Grab your books, quills, cloaks, and cauldrons ~ school is officially in session at Brightfeather Academy!

Wowza LUAU-za
June 17-21 ~ 9:00am-12:00pm ~ Rhythm Main
Pop on your sunnies and get ready to hula at the Wowza LUAU-za island party! Dancers will learn tropical jazz moves and hip hop grooves in this sunny, summery dance camp! It'll be an aloha dancing adventure as they experience teamwork, tradition and creativity while prepping for this big island beach bash! Hawaiian-inspired tutti-frutti crafts and games will have your dancer partying like a pineapple all the way to the Wowza LUAU-za!

3-Day Camps

Cost: $195 or $175 if paid before May 15

Pom Pom Unicorn's Carnival on a Cloud
July 8-10 ~1:00pm-4:00pm ~ Rhythm Annex
Your dancer will love dancing through the pink sky to Pom Pom Unicorn's Magical Carnival on a Cloud! Tiny dancers will climb the sparkly rainbow and soar through the Cotton Candy Clouds as magical unicorns in this sweet ballet and tap dance camp! This magical camp is full of all things unicorn, dancing, carnival games, glittery crafts and even Rainbow Rewards (aka fun prizes)! It's sure to be a magical time!

Fierce Fashionistas & Very Vogue Villains
July 16-18 ~ 10:00am-1:00pm ~ Rhythm Annex
A very vogue villain has stolen the latest drop of colorful clutches that the fierce fashionistas need for their debut runway show. To recover the clutches, each day dancers must decode ransom notes to reveal clues and tackle creative challenges that harness their inner flair for fashion design (while developing their notoriously fashionable dancing skills, of course). Read the graffiti on the wall: this jazz and hip hop camp will be all the rage for dancing trendsetters, followers of fashion and all super fans of Cruella, Wednesday and other very vogue villains! It's sure to be devastatingly chic!