We LOVE our program called TWIST created especially for our Kindergarten age dancers at Rhythm by owners Becca and Dani (along with our staff)! TWIST is a Jazz and Tap combo class (with some ballet basics)! 

This engaging program helps your young dancer learn age appropriate dance steps and proper terminology in a creative, lively and fun setting. Each week in class, your dancer will be introduced to basic dance steps, terminology, skills and concepts. Then, once per month, we have a super fun, super special week called Twist Week! It’s like a dance party in class! Each class will have a special theme during Twist week that corresponds with an activity on their Twist Tracker sheet. These THEMED classes are sure to bring that element of FUN we are known for! 

In addition, the dancers will receive a fun bag tag for their dance bag that they will add “sparkle” to during the year! This class will perform TAP in the Year-End Show!

Twist Fee: $25 (due at registration and includes Twist Tracker, Twist activity sheets, stickers, bag tag and certificate)

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What to Wear for Twist - Kindergarten Tap & Jazz

All Twist dancers will need any color or style dance wear of their choice (leotard, tights, skirt, dress, leggings), black tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, and a dance bag for class. Hair pulled back away from their face. 

Click here for our complete dress code by age groups/classes.