Ashley Hermance

Ashley Hermance

Dance Instructor

Birthday: October 13

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

1. My mom put me in dance at age 3 because I shook my booty to Wizard of Oz.
2. Found my love for Hip-Hop while I was in college.
3. I wanted to move to Marietta growing up so I could dance at Rhythm Dance Center. #obsessed

Rhythm Role: Teacher and Choreographer

Teaches: Hip-Hop

Fun fact: I cried at the Justin Timberlake concert.

Favorite Rhythm Recital: Rhythm Orphan Annie

When not at Rhythm dancing, I hang out with my husband, son and pups, walk, cook, eat lots of Mexican food, and watch a ton of movies/tv shows (when I am not working on music and concepts).  :)