Jenelle Lovell

Jenelle Lovell

Dance Teacher

Name: Jenelle Lovell

Birthday: April 16th

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

1. After much persuasion from my mother, I began dancing in middle school after having been a competitive gymnast.

2. Started teaching hip hop classes at the age of 16 in South Florida.

3. While earning my degree at UCF, I taught hip hop and jazz classes twice a week at the university.

Rhythm Role: Dance Instructor

Teaches: Hip Hop & Jazz and have taught Acro in the past. 

Fun fact: I am a TERRIBLE singer, but excel at lip syncing because my 5th grade chorus teacher said I should learn how to do that instead.

Favorite Rhythm Recital: A Whole Rhythm World

When not at Rhythm dancing, I enjoy spending time with my husband (Jeff) and my son (Aaron) and parents who live close by. I enjoy traveling, cooking, arts & crafts, working out, going out with friends, the sun, and doing things around Atlanta.