Karen Morris

Karen Morris

Front Desk & Special Projects

Birthday: September 17

3 Phrases to describe my dance background:

1.  My two daughters, Chandler and Anna, both danced at Rhythm. Chandler started at age 2-1/2 and Anna started just before she turned 2! They both participated in Edge performing company until they graduated from high school. They are now college graduates!

2.  Becca and I have been BFFs since high school at Lassiter!

3.  I have been a part of RDC since they announced the opening in some way even if it was just being their biggest cheerleader!

Years Working at Rhythm: All 31 in some form or fashion!

Rhythm Role: Front Desk, costume stoning and lots of special projects

Fun Fact: I have never danced a day in my life!

When not at Rhythm, I am hanging with my family and friends! I love exercising and doing all things outside!