Krista Mallon

Krista Mallon

Office Manager and Dance Instructor

Birthday: December 24

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

1. I started dancing when I was four and attended Rhythm when they first opened. Becca and Dani taught me all my sweet dance moves!! Supermodel :) !

2.  When I was fifteen I started assisting and teaching at Rhythm. 

3. This is my 28th season at Rhythm!!

Rhythm Role: Dance Instructor Extraordinaire, Freestyle Confetti Contributor, and Office Manager. I'm all things Rhythm!!  

Teaches: I've taught all ages, but now focus on the itty bitties. Tap, jazz, pre-school ballet, and some mad hip hop moves.

Fun Fact: I was in the first Senior Edge at Rhythm. They forced me to wear a lot of make-up (I looked like a clown), sponge roll my hair (really uncomfortable to sleep in) and wear Hermes (a really awesome shoe).  

Favorite Rhythm Recital: Dance TV circa 1996 and Under the RDSea

When not at Rhythm dancing, I like to go camping, hiking, and travel when I can. I love to spend time with my two beautiful children and my husband.