Krista Mallon

Krista Mallon

Office Manager and Dance Instructor

Birthday: December 24

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

1. I started dancing when I was four and attended Rhythm when they first opened. Becca and Dani taught me all my sweet dance moves!!

2. You can find some amazing photos of yours truly somewhere at Rhythm. Hint: “Disco Fever” and “Supermodel”!!!

3.  When I was fifteen I started assisting and teaching at Rhythm. This is my 25th season at Rhythm!!

Rhythm Role: Dance Instructor Extraordinaire, Freestyle Confetti Contributor, and Office Manager. I'm all things Rhythm!!  

Teaches: I've taught all ages, but now focus on the itty bitties. Tap, jazz, pre-school ballet, and some mad hip hop moves.

Fun Fact: I was in the first Senior Edge at Rhythm. They forced me to wear a lot of make-up (I looked like a clown), sponge roll my hair (really uncomfortable to sleep in) and wear Hermes (a really awesome shoe).  

Favorite Rhythm Recital: Dance TV circa 1996 and Under the RDSea

When not at Rhythm dancing, I like to go camping, hiking, and travel when I can. I love to spend time with my two beautiful children and my husband.