Lauren Wile

Lauren Wile

Dance Instructor

Birthday: April 17

3 phrases to describe my dance background: 

  1. I grew up training in all genres, and competing with studios in Woodstock and Roswell (including Rhythm!).
  2. I danced through college (Go Dawgs!), and since graduating have directed several youth and competition programs at studios in Athens and Charleston.
  3. I've specialized in training preschool dance teachers, creating/directing storyline shows, and have been recognized for choreography at numerous competitions. I'm totally a jazzerina at heart!

Rhythm Role: I've taught all genres & ages, but this year will be teaching kinder/elementary Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Hip Hop.

Years Teaching at Rhythm: Second year teaching at Rhythm!

Fun Fact: I was the VERY first registered student EVER at Rhythm Dance Center, 31 years ago!

Favorite Rhythm Year-End Show: Dance TV (in 1996)!

When not at Rhythm, I am teaching 4K Preschool, watching Georgia Football, and doing all the things with my 4 year old, Kate and our baby boy Owen born in October '23!