Shelley Marshall

Shelley Marshall

Chief Operating Officer

Birthday: June 7

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

1. I danced from childhood through high school...mostly tap and jazz, with a few attempts at ballet. When Dani first moved to Marietta, she was in my jazz class for about a week before she moved up a level, and then the very next year, she taught my class! 

2. Tap was my favorite!

3. Even though I’ve only been employed here 3 years, as Becca’s sister, I’ve been around Rhythm since day one, so it’s been a part of my life for 28 years now! 

Rhythm Role: Chief Operating Officer of Rhythm, Chief Confetti Officer for Confetti on the Dance Floor

Fun fact: I still remember (some of) the choreography from a late 80s summer camp dance to Pour Some Sugar on Me. 

Favorite Rhythm Recital: It's hard to pick, but Whole Rhythm World and Wonka and the Rhythm Factory are two of my faves!

When not at Rhythm working...I work from home, so you won't see me much in person whether I am working or not! I also work for Becca and Dani's other business - Confetti on the Dance Floor - so I spend A LOT of time on that! When I'm off work, you will most likely find me at my cabin in the North Carolina mountains with my husband, Brent, and our giant golden retriever, Murphy. I am also obsessed with music, and love reading, shopping and traveling!