Vera Lukens

Vera Lukens

Connection CCC and Dance Instructor

Birthday: March 6th! A true pisces sun and water lover!

Three phrases to describe my dance background: 

1. I started dance at 4 years old in tap! But jazz and hip hop are my spirit animals. 

2. I was on the Dance Team at Kennesaw State University through college and then Head Coached for 8 years following that building their spirit and tradition program! 

3. Out of college, I worked for Varsity - Universal Dance Association as a staff member and assistant head instructor teaching dancers all over the Southeast which led me to dance tour life for 12+ years. You'll see me as the Competition Director for Hollywood Dance Jamz.

Rhythm Role: I'm the Connection CCC, so I get to Coordinate, Communicate, and Collab on all the things which makes me so excited!! I am also teaching elementary aged jazz, hip hop, as well as teen hip hop!

Years Teaching at Rhythm: This is my first year at Rhythm, although when I joined the team in April 2023, it felt so natural like I had been here for YEARS! So happy to be here!

Fun Fact: I played percussion from 6th grade to my Senior year in High School and marched on the Drumline in High School - Drum Captain my senior year! Tenors and Snare were my favorites to march!

Favorite Rhythm Year-End Show: Rhythm in Wonderland was my first show experience here at Rhythm but I am so excited for what's in store this year!!

When not at Rhythm, I'm spending time with my family riding bikes, playing games (we LOVE board games), hanging with our sweet pups (we have two Malshis who are the sweetest girls), baking with my daughter (who also dances at Rhythm!), going on adventures, working out, or doing something active!!