2017-2018 Studio Policies

First Day of Dance Class: August 21, 2017 

Please read through all the policies to see all other closing and calendar info! We generally follow Cobb County Schools' yearly calendar, closing for most breaks, EXCEPT the Cobb Winter Break.


2017-2018 registration and tuition payment information:
Rhythm Dance Center tuition is based on an entire season of dance. Our season runs from August 21, 2017 - May 26, 2018. All dancers are required to pay for the entire season. It is not based on the number of classes in a month or attendance. There is NO refund for missed classes as we provide a make-up schedule.  

You may pay the entire season in full or divide it up into 9-1/2 monthly installments. The first installment is due with your registration fee, this installment is non-refundable. The other installments are due the 1st of each month, September 2017 - May 2018 and will be automatically billed to the card on file.

If you pay the entire season in full prior to August 10, 2017 you will receive a 5% discount. Please note: If you pay your dancer’s tuition for the full year and withdraw from classes for any reason (loss of interest, school obligations, injury, illness, etc.) a 30% penalty will be applied to your refund for the remainder of the year. We suggest you only pay the year in full if you are 100% confident your dancer will participate fully in the entire season.

*NEW*  Effective September 1, 2017 all monthly tuition payments, year-end show costume payments, and year-end show fees will be auto-billed to the card on file.  Tuition is due on the first of every month and will be auto billed between the 28th and 2nd of each month. You will receive an emailed receipt after your tuition is auto billed.  Year-end show costume payments and recital fee will be auto billed on December 10, 2017. 

CUSTOMER PORTAL: Each family will have a portal to process payments, register for classes, etc. It is your responsibility to keep all info (contact info, payment info, etc.) up to date. You can sign up or log in on the home page of our website. Please contact krista@rhythmdancecenter.com with any questions about your portal and/or account info. We require a 30-day written notice if you need to withdraw from Rhythm Dance Center. Please email info@rhythmdancecenter.com to withdraw from our 2017-2018 Session. After the 30-day notice, we will terminate your monthly installment or if full year was paid we will refund the remaining installments minus 30%.

Registration Fee: 

$35 for 1st dancer and $25 each additional family member. This is non-refundable. In addition your first tuition installment is due at this time. This is non-refundable.

Payment in full is required for the registration fee, partial tuition installment, $25 Twirl Classic/Twirl To The Max fee or $15 Twirl fee for Hip Hop Flip Flop, Snazzy Jazzy, and/or Fairytale Ballet, and all summer registration. You will receive a payment confirmation email once your payment has been processed.

You will not receive a billing statement, however, you will receive a receipt of payment each month after the auto bill.

If your card on file is declined, an alternate payment must be made within 48 hours. Returned check fee is $25.  

We accept cash, check, MC, VISA, DISCOVER, and AMEX.  

Make-up Classes: If your dancer misses class due to illness or other personal reasons, they will be able to make-up in a similar class. There will be no discount or refund given for missed classes. There are no make-ups for classes missed when the studio is officially closed for holidays, etc.

2018 Summer Registration: Full payment will be due upon registering for our 2018 Summer dates. The appropriate fees will be posted to your account and will be due at the time of registration.


Payment options: full season or monthly installments

Full Season Cost:
1 class weekly: $570.00  
2 classes weekly: $1,092.50
3 classes weekly: $1,520.00
4 classes weekly: $1,852.50
5 classes weekly: $2,185.00
6 classes weekly: $2,470.00
7 classes weekly: $2,755.00
8 classes weekly: $3,040.00
9 classes weekly: $3,325.00

*Performing Company Dancers: Please contact Krista at krista@rhythmdancecenter.com for your full season cost.

MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS (9-1/2 payments, the first payment due at time of registration):
1 class weekly: $60.00 Sept.-May, $30.00 (due at time of registration)
2 classes weekly: $115.00 Sept.-May, $57.50 (due at time of registration)
3 classes weekly: $160.00 Sept. May, $80.00 (due at time of registration)
4 classes weekly: $195.00 Sept.-May, $97.50 (due at time of registration)
5 classes weekly: $230.00 Sept.-May, $115.00 (due at time of registration)
6 classes weekly: $260.00 Sept.-May, $130.00 (due at time of registration)
7 classes weekly: $290.00 Sept.-May, $145.00 (due at time of registration)
8 classes weekly: $320.00 Sept.-May, $160.00 (due at time of registration)
9 classes weekly: $350.00 Sept.-May, $175.00 (due at time of registration)
each additional class $30.00

*Performing Company Dancers: You receive a special Unlimited Class Tuition if meeting certain class requirements. Please contact Krista at krista@rhythmdancecenter.com for your full season cost.


Twirl is our exclusive preschool and kindergarten program at Rhythm! Rhythm Owners Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg developed this awesome program and it is now used in dance studios across the country! Twirl Classic (Twirl Pink, Twirl Lilac, Twirl Yellow, and Twirl Aqua) includes a reward ribbon for their dance bag, a super fun activity book, and a certificate of completion for each dancer at the end of the year. 

The Twirl Classic fee is $25.00. The Twirl Fee for Snazzy Jazzy, Fairytale Ballet, and Hip Hop Flip Flop is $15 per dancer and is due at registration. 

Check out the hashtag #rhythmtwirl on Instagram to see all the imaginative fun in the Twirl Classes! #makedancefun 

YEAR-END SHOW: We produce a fabulous production at the end of the year with all Rhythm dancers. Please note - open ballet, body awareness, and adult classes do not participate in the year end show. This is an exciting end to the dance season! The show week (this will include dress rehearsals) will be May 29th-June 3rd. The show will be held at the Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech. This is an exciting and rewarding part of the season that everyone looks forward to!  We encourage all dancers to participate. You can view costume and dress rehearsal info here. Stay tuned for Year-End show details in mid-April. 

YEAR-END SHOW COSTUMES:  Costume costs are generally $75.00-$120.00 per costume (you will receive the exact amount in November). Costume fees will be auto billed on December 10, 2017. After this fee is processed on December 10th, it is non-refundable. If your dancer will not be participating in the show, we must be made aware through an email to info@rhythmdancecenter.com no later than December 5, 2017.  Any alterations needed will be the responsibility of the parent. 

SHOW FEE (formerly Recital Fee): $30 (per dancer) Show Fee is due with costume payment. This fee helps cover the costs associated with putting on the production, and includes a special year end gift for the dancer. This fee will be auto-billed on December 10, 2017 along with the costume fees.

SHOW TICKETS:  All tickets will need to be purchased. Dancers performing do not need a ticket. More information on Show Tickets, including when they will be available to purchase, will be included in the Year-End Show packet released in mid-April. 

DRESS CODE: Flair, our in-house dancewear boutique, carries all appropriate dancewear needed for class at Rhythm. Proper shoes and attire must be worn to participate in class. Hair should be pulled back off face for all classes. A proper bun must be worn for ballet class. BUNHEAD hair accessories are available in Flair.  Don’t forget to write your name in all shoes, bags, etc. You can find descriptions and examples of the proper attire for each class in the Classes section of our website.


Please discuss these rules with your dancers! Thank you!

  • No cell phones are allowed in the dance rooms at any time.  If they are in your bag, they should be turned off.
  • Rhythm is a large place, so please keep an eye on your children, no running or climbing on furniture PLEASE! 
  • All children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times unless they are in class.
  • All personal belongings may be kept in the dressing room or in the studio with the dancer if needed. Rhythm Dance Center is not responsible for items left in the studios.
  • PRE-SCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN MOMS: Please take your dancer to the restroom BEFORE class begins to avoid accidents.
  • Please make an effort to be prompt! We cannot be responsible for your child after class. Excessive tardiness picking up your child will result in additional fees.
  • NO parents, friends, or siblings in the classroom at ANYTIME. This is for the benefit of your dancer. They will learn more if we have their complete attention.
  • Viewing windows will be open the 1st full week of each month.
  • If you drop a class, a 30-day written notice is required. You will be responsible for payment until the written notice is received.
  • We follow Cobb County's decision on inclement weather school closings. A make-up schedule will be available for any missed classes.
  • Our staff is always available during office hours to answer any questions you might have! If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, please call to set up an appointment as we rarely have time between classes. You may also e-mail us at info@rhythmdancecenter.com. 

2017-2018 CALENDAR: We generally follow Cobb County Schools Calendar for closing. Please find the general dates below.  

Special Note: We will NOT close for Cobb County Winter Break.

Special Note: If you attend a school district outside of Cobb County, please let us know if your child will be missing (for example, a different Spring Break, etc.). This could also affect your Dress Rehearsal or Show Schedule. Our Dress Rehearsals will be during the days of Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

First Day of Class: August 21, 2017

CLOSED - Labor Day:  Monday, September 4, 2017

CLOSED - Fall Break: Monday, September 25 - Saturday, September 30, 2017

CLOSED - Thanksgiving Break: Monday, November 20 - Saturday, November 25, 2017

CLOSED - Winter Break - Thursday, December 21, 2017 - Wednesday, January 3, 2018 **We will re-open Thursday, January 4, 2018

OPEN - Monday, January 15, 2018 - MLK Day

OPEN - Monday, February 19- Saturday, February  24 2018 (This is Cobb Winter Break - we will be OPEN)

CLOSED - Spring Break - Monday, April 2 - Saturday, April 7, 2018

Performing Company Auditions - April 16 - 30 

Last Day of Class - Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dress Rehearsals - Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Year-End Shows - Thursday, May 31 - Sunday, June 3, 2018 

Please contact us with further questions!