About Flair

Flair was our in-house dance wear boutique, but now Flair will be more of a pop-up shop! We will continue to provide Rhythm wear and a few essentials through occasional pop-ups! 


Rhythm has partnered with DanceMax Dancewear for all of your dancewear and shoe needs.

DanceMax is located in Marietta, and they have our dress code on file and will be happy to help you get fitted for shoes and outfits for the year. You can find more information about their store hours and policies at the link below.  

3016 Canton Road
Marietta, GA 30066 



Inclusivity: One of our goals with our dress code is to be inclusive of all skin tones. For classes where it is appropriate for tights/shoes to match skin tone, we welcome dancers to choose an option that best matches their skin tone. We have spoken with DanceMax about providing these options to our dancers of color. More dance brands are beginning to offer a better variety to match all skin tones, and as we discover more options from these brands, we will share and update our listing. 

Our dress code for jazz lists a specific tan jazz shoe (Bloch #SO497), however, as mentioned above, there are options available for other skin tones, so please be sure to ask the sales representative at DanceMax for those options when you are shopping for new shoes. If you cannot find shoes to match your skin tone, we are happy to help you find a shoe or assist with painting/dying shoes. This does not apply for ballet classes as all dancers will be in pink tights, therefore, pink ballet shoes will continue the line of the leg for all dancers regardless of skin tone.  If you need assistance in finding the right shoes for your dancer, we welcome you to contact us.

Rhythm Dress Code

At Rhythm, it is very important to be dressed appropriately for each dance class you take! Just like you wouldn't wear a tutu to soccer practice, we would prefer you save your soccer uniform for the field! Likewise, the same thing you wear to jazz class may not be appropriate for ballet class. 

Dressing appropriately gives dancers confidence! It helps teachers better see body lines so they can help you become the best dancer you can be. 

Click here to learn more about the dress code at Rhythm Dance Center. 

Performing Company Dancers: You will be using the Bloch Spark Jazz Shoes (S0497) (Refer to your Company Director for color). You can purchase at DanceMax, Discount Dance or your store of choice. 

Questions? Call us at 770.998.6507!